Remote Access Solutions


Remote Access Solutions

(VPN and IPSec)


What is Remote Access and Why Remote Access is important?

Organisations have changed the way they conduct business. As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile and global, having a secure, cost-effective remote access solution to extend your network to branch offices, mobile users and clients is critical.


VPN (Virtual Private Network)


Remote Access allows users of different security profiles to access network resources at any time, from any location with any device using internet access. Secure VPN uses a strong encryption to secure the remote connection between the user and the organisation network. VPN also allows you to limit access to certain resources within the network and allows you to apply access time restrictions for each user. By extending network access to remote users, organisations can increase business productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.



IPSec is a technology used to securely link two or more branches together over the internet.

IPSec is also called site to site tunnelling protocol, it is a cost-effective option to connect multi-able remote offices together and allow them to share resources and act as one big network.


Greater flexibility

Whether you are at office, home or travelling around, you can make sure that your staff are always connected to your business which improves overall productivity.

CompPower can help you build a secure remote access solution that suits your business needs, and allow you to gain full control and visibility using the latest secure remote access technologies. Our solutions allow secure remote access from computers, tablets and mobile phones.

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