Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing


There is no doubt that penetration testing is very important where information security is paramount. Penetration testing will not only point out vulnerabilities within your IT information systems, but will also document how the weaknesses can be exploited through a legal attempt to stimulate an attack to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

CompPower uses the same tools, techniques, and methods used by determined attacks to probe, test, and penetrate your defences to identify potential security loopholes in your system. A report will then be presented to you with any security issues that were found and its impact along with the proposed mitigation solution.


CompPower Penetration Testing services include:

  • Internal Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • External Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Security Penetration Testing
  • Web Application\Services Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing
  • Application Code Review


CompPower offers three well-known three of Penetration Testing:

Black Box

Black box testing is where the consultant is not provided with any information about the system or network to be tested.

Grey Box

Grey box testing is where the consultant is given partial disclosure of the information they need.

White Box

White box testing is where the consultant is given full disclosure of the information they need including source codes, IP addresses and network diagrams.


At CompPower, we follow a step by step Penetration Testing approach to ensure nothing is missed and every step is well documented, our approach include:

  • Planning
  • Reconnaissance and Information Gathering
  • Passive and Active Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Exploiting and Gaining Access
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Cleaning Up


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