Network Solutions and Optimisation

Network Solutions and Network Optimisation


Network Solutions

Having the right network, physical, virtual or wireless with the right levels of secure access is core to enabling the IT infrastructure. Without access to information and data, at the right time, for the right people an organisation is not making effective use of IT.
Our Networking solutions cover all networking requirements from the device through to the data centre, enabling your business to deliver and access data and applications when needed in a secure and reliable fashion.

CompPower operates a comprehensive and flexible end to end Networking practice that incorporates key elements including pre-sales, solution architecture, implementation and delivery support to successfully deliver the complete solution which enables your IT Infrastructure.

CompPower partner with leaders in Networking that enable us to provide the best solutions tailored to your business needs.


Network Optimisation

Network Optimisation is a critical component in the effective management of  information systems.

Information technology is growing at an exponential rate, with more and more applications consuming greater amount of network bandwidth as well as business users producing larger volumes of data from these applications. This continued growth adds to the strain of an already stressed network architecture within an organisation.

Network Optimisation Key Benefits:

  • Supports business innovation + growth
  • Increases speed and reduces downtime
  • Aligns infrastructure with business needs
  • Allows you to take advantage of virtualisation technologies
  • Reduces support costs

CompPower can help:

  • Identify gaps in your current architecture
  • Assess the network’s readiness to support new technologies
  • Optimize your servers, routers, switches, wireless and security infrastructure for better performance and reliability to deliver an improved experience

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