IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions


Let us help you “connect the unconnected”

Internet of Things is the internetworking of physical real world things like devices, vehicles, buildings or any physical item “Assets”. These things are embedded with electronics, sensors and connectivity to allow “Assets” to communicate with each other and the world around them.

Businesses can recap many benefits from the Internet of Things. IoT can be useful in many different categories including asset tracking and inventory control, shipping & location, security, individual tracking and energy conservation.

IoT solutions open new opportunities with many benefits to businesses. Here are the main benefits:

  • Innovation & new business model

IoT will take businesses from selling products or services to a new era, where they can innovate and create new business models and products based on the intelligence of devices. Imagine a refrigerator that automatically orders goods when they are totally consumed and even before the consumers even notice.

  • Operational efficiency and optimization

IoT will help businesses to optimize their spending in many ways. Any device or asset when it is malfunctioning can send information automatically so systems can be maintained and repaired remotely. With IoT assets thefts will be prevented and lost items can be recovered easily.

  • Customer satisfaction

IoT will improve customers experience greatly by automatically taking actions for the sake of the customer like initiating an automatic call in case of a car accident, allowing proactive maintenance rather than reactive repairs.


At CompPower we have the experience to build IoT solutions, as we are able to develop business rules and use cases into IoT applications front and back ends on Web and Mobile flavors. We also have the experience in integrating IoT applications with IoT platforms using different integration ways. Over and above we can also do programming for embedded devices to allow turning assets into “intelligent” assets so they can take actions on their own, based on the surrounding and situation.

CompPower have developed the following IoT solutions:

  • Smart metering solution for electricity
  • Digital signage for advertisement
  • Connected cabinets

IoT devices we have experience in using:

  • Vodafone Machine Link 3G/3G+/4G
  • Raspberry Pi

IoT & Connectivity Platforms we integrated with:

  • Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform
  • ThingWorx


For more information about our IoT solutions and how CompPower can help in developing your IoT application, please contact us on 02 8003 5511 or email