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Detection, Prevention and Response


Cyber-attacks are increasing rapidly as hackers have evolved to be smarter, and technology more complex. The financial and reputational consequences from a cyber-attack or breach can be devastating to any organisation. Traditional cyber security solutions are outdated and can be easily tricked and the importance of having a next generation cyber security solution is urgent.

Building a cyber security solution is not an easy task, the traditional methods of security is outdated and doesn’t fully protect the organisation data or network. CompPower aims to build a comprehensive next generation cyber security solution using “Defense in Depth” technique that includes automated and manual processes to allow organisations to protect their network and data without compromising productivity.

Defense in Depth (DiD) is a multi-layer security controls and mechanisms that are placed throughout the organisation IT system. DiD uses access control and mechanisms to identify user interaction, methods of access, host security, application security, network level security, data security and security auditing.


Defense in Depth strategies include:

  • Application Whitelisting
  • Application and OS Hardening
  • Patch Management
  • Restricted Administrative Privilege (Least Privilege)
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Risk Assessment
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
  • Monitoring
  • Auditing


The key benefits of a Defense in Depth Cyber Security are:

  • Identify the threats facing an organisation’s information assets by identifying risks before security breaches take place
  • Proactively identify vulnerabilities before security breaches take place
  • Avoid costly network downtime which could lead to financial loss and even bankruptcy
  • Guarding your business and reputation by protecting clients, partner and third parties
  • Reduce an organisations expenditure on IT security and enhance Return on Security Investment (ROSI)
  • Provide assurance with comprehensive assessment of organisations security including policy, procedure, design and implementation
  • Adapt best practices in compliance to legal and industry regulations
  • Testing and validating the efficiency of security protections and controls such as firewalls, routers and web servers


CompPower offers comprehensive security services include:

CompPower can put together a comprehensive plan to cost-effectively protect and maintain the security of your network, assets and data against malicious attack. We will work with you to develop best practice solutions so you can meet compliance requirements. We will help you master the basics before putting the advanced strategies in action.

CompPower are able to help organisations of all sizes with their technology needs and will work with your budget. We can do this by offering robust technologies and a team of fully accredited engineers and support staff. We represent world-leading vendors in data security and we continually monitor the quickly evolving market for the latest product innovations and emerging technologies.


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